Thursday, January 31, 2013


It is fun dressing up for work. It reminds me of the days of school uniform, except that I get to choose my very own. I've taken inspiration from the Japanese girls school uniform and prep school style (eg. Gossip Girl)

Pink blouse (Kmart for $12)
Gray sweatervest (from Lunatarius lol)
Black high waisted skirt (Kmart for $20)
Bowtie ($3 Japan store in Manukau for $3.50)

I haven't been shopping a lot lately, but I guess I have plenty clothes already~ One does not really need to wear a whole new outfit every day, really. Though, I'm not even one for too much variety. When I start liking a new item I bought, I wear it ALL THE TIME. Like my sailor jacket <3

Bought online for only $15US >u<
*loves cool bargains*

I feel like sometimes I tend to buy things just because they are really cheap and decent and not because I really really like them. There's that rare moment when an item is both amazing and a bargain at the same time. But its very rare, and would mostly occur in Dreamland cos people need to make profit .. or wholesale websites where you don't know what the item is really going to be like until it hits your doorstep haha. I'd go into the store, and think "ahhh looks so cute!" .. then look at the price tag and *slowly walk away*. I'm a bit of an internet splurger though despite the small risks on the quality >o< Action is required to fine-tune my formula of buy clothing, indeed...

Otherwise maybe I should stop being lazy, and feeling poop about sewing skills to sew and make my own clothes! Yup, actually I might just do that after I retrieve fabric from the family home next weekend haha. There's that gingham lolita skirt I have been meaning to make for a while now ;;

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