Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Needle Felting a Bunny Head

Yesterday afternoon, I opened my needle felting kit that I bought a while ago from Daiso.  I am always curious about new crafts, and was keen to try it out.  At first it was quite difficult to get around the idea that this fluffy bit of unspun wool would turn into something solid, but with constant poking of the needle I ended up making the bunny head.  Hmm, not quite sure if it is my type of craft yet ;; I was pretty impatient when poking the wool that I ended up poking myself a few times and bled (derp).  

Tada~ I think the bunny could have been less fluffy and less lumpy haha.  But if I do want to come back to this craft, hopefully I will improve from this first attempt (^ω^).

Also, made myself a random pasta and veggies on nachos meal for dinner.  I so wanted to have another serving but I realise that my brain and stomach think differently in terms of hunger.  Brain (and possibly gluttony ;;) is like, "Mmm, delicious!  I want to eat more and more!" but stomach is like, "I've had enough now... if you serve me any more I am going to become way too bloated to do anything else but sleep".  Oh this conundrum.

It's fun cooking random new meals!


  1. hi cori-chan, thanks for your comment❤ that tiny felt usagi is so cute ^0^/ what is it's little body made of? is it a pearl?

  2. "Oh this conundrum" #firstworldproblems

  3. @Puchi: you're welcome ^^ thank-you too~ that at the bottom of the wool part, is a pink striped plastic bead that came with the needle felting kit

    @Lunatarius: #mylifeishard