Friday, January 4, 2013

Persona 4 One Coin Figurines

Welcome to the unboxing of my first official one coin figurines that I bought from Amiami!

 They have been sitting many months locked up inside a SAL mail package waiting to breathe
 Until now!  Mm the smell of fresh packaging~

The box in all its wonderful glory!  It seemed so precious~

Close-ups of the front of the box.  On one side, there is an adorable close-up of Souji with his glasses, and on the other side are the other compilation of characters that are also included in this set.  Two of the figurines are secret, and are not revealed until the buyer opens it for themselves!

On the back, images of the tarot cards are shown.  The colour combinations are really nice, and I really like this muted stained glass window look.  Dark and mysterious~

Time to open it up!

The individual figurine boxes.

So first up is Souji!  This is the first time I ever owned proper one coins so the magnetic bar confused me at first.  Thankfully, at the end I figured that at the back of each character there's a place for it to "snap" and stay.  Well to a degree ^^;;

Yosuke even comes with a cute little Teddie ehehe.

L-R: Yukiko, Rise, Adachi, Girl!Souji, Girl! Yosuke
(I can't get over how cute and bashful the Yosuke genderbend figurine is >u< )

L-R: Souji, Yosuke, Kanji, Naoto, Chie

And here are the figurines' temporary home ^-^

I'm really happy that I bought this quality merchandise, even though in the first instance I was a bit skeptical about the price.  You definitely get what you pay for when you buy the official products!

The figure display case was from the value Japan store next to Specsavers on Queen St!  I was influenced by Angie to get one of these, though she bought one from the Daiso in Taiwan.  So glad these exist in Auckland~  Makes my little figurines feel safe oh yeah!

I am excited to open other goods that have been sitting around unopened for years ;;

There may be another anime merchandise unboxing soon (⌒▽⌒)☆


  1. aww~ these are sooo cute ^.^. I didn't know, that there are little magnetic stands like this.

  2. @Puchi i know right!? i'm so glad i bought them >u<

  3. Yay! They're finally free from their confinement in boxes! Haha, they fit perfectly into the display cases.
    Glad you had a more pleasant experience than I did yesterday with my New Prince of Tennis One Coins. ><

  4. @xraiko No more suffocation! :D I'm so glad we were able to find these in NZ haha. What happened to your ones? >:

  5. Would you be so kind as to tell me where you got the display case they are in. I would love one just like it.