Saturday, March 21, 2015

Life + To The Moon

It's nice to have a chill Saturday. 

The highlight of the day was buying a chair, as lame as that sounds. I am utterly pleased with this, as I have been sitting on a foot stool for about six months since living out again. Now using the computer can provide more comfort, oh yeah!

And thanks to the nice person who helped me halfway back to my apartment.
They saw me struggling every step OTL. You're a bloody legend.

Had so much fun last night belting out the karaoke! Definitely is more fun when you have other people in the room who are also enthusiastic. They had all the Frozen songs too! ^^ Sold.

Spending too much time with people IRL can make me feel tired, even though its fun. I haven't had a hermit moment since two weekends ago so it feels good to get that energy bar restored back to green. If only I could have potions to deal with that, but in real life that would be drugs. And drugs are bad, mkay?

These past two months went fast. Let's roll back and see how much I can remember.

Started to get into drawing again. Baby steps.

Went to a bonfire night, board game parties, bush walking, escape room, caught up with old friends, made some new ones, karaoke, lantern festival, Hamilton Armageddon and anything else I can't remember. I should really note these in real time, huh. 

Dear future self, sorry I was too lazy busy for that.