Saturday, March 21, 2015

Life + To The Moon

It's nice to have a chill Saturday. 

The highlight of the day was buying a chair, as lame as that sounds. I am utterly pleased with this, as I have been sitting on a foot stool for about six months since living out again. Now using the computer can provide more comfort, oh yeah!

And thanks to the nice person who helped me halfway back to my apartment.
They saw me struggling every step OTL. You're a bloody legend.

Had so much fun last night belting out the karaoke! Definitely is more fun when you have other people in the room who are also enthusiastic. They had all the Frozen songs too! ^^ Sold.

Spending too much time with people IRL can make me feel tired, even though its fun. I haven't had a hermit moment since two weekends ago so it feels good to get that energy bar restored back to green. If only I could have potions to deal with that, but in real life that would be drugs. And drugs are bad, mkay?

These past two months went fast. Let's roll back and see how much I can remember.

Started to get into drawing again. Baby steps.

Went to a bonfire night, board game parties, bush walking, escape room, caught up with old friends, made some new ones, karaoke, lantern festival, Hamilton Armageddon and anything else I can't remember. I should really note these in real time, huh. 

Dear future self, sorry I was too lazy busy for that.

Catching up with primary school friends :D It was just like the good old days. 
I'm really glad we still get along well.

Pretty view at Bridal Falls near Raglan

At the summit of a bush walk track near Waikato

Caught up with high school mates at Federal Delicatessen. It felt fancy! 
The service was really good.

Bonfire night! It was fun roasting marshmallows in the great outdoors. After a while, we went back indoors to play board games~

Escape Masters! We did one in Melbourne and it was in a random house somewhere, so this is my second time at these kind of things. It sure was different - and more of a challenge! 

Maybe should try an easier one next time ..

Pretty lights at the annual Lantern Festival

This cool band, Salty Candy was playing there too

With Amey (and Lunatarius) at Hamilton Armageddon and our newly acquired merchandise ^p^ Couldn't be bothered to dress up this time~ but it was nice to be able to freely roam in comfort haha. Next time.

My loot from Armageddon. I was a good girl this time and bought minimal amount of stuff ^p^
I'm most happy about my alpaca. It's the cutest!


I guess I have been feeling a bit strange lately. There had been some occurrence in the past month or so that have made me think about my views that I never really thought about before. And redefining my opinions as an adult and not some teenager. It's funny how you discover a new part of yourself as you gain more experiences. I wouldn't really want to open a new can of worms though. Or do I? I don't know.

Long story short, life is hard and feelings suck.

It's just easier to pretend nothing is wrong.

I am probably in a weird mood right now though. Being a hermit for a while can be nice but it makes me think too much. And shark week is almost due. I need to learn things and be busy. 

Yes, onto learning about those hooks and filters in Wordpress ^p^ Good distraction.


Anyways, on to happier (ish) things. 

Recently played a game called 'To The Moon'. 

Realised I had a lot of games in my library that I haven't even touched yet so I gave it a go. 
Cue the others in time.

It's a short story-based RPG game where you solve puzzles to progress. It's about two doctors who have a unique job of manipulating their patients memories as requested so they could feel like they have fulfilled a dream of theirs. This story focuses on guy called John, and we are in the shoes of the doctors as they travel through his memories. A lot of feelings, good music and a touch of humour.

I cannot imagine doing that kinda job. I would be crying for every patient oh dear god. It would be very difficult to think of it just as a job because you would be dealing with their very memories. And such a thing can be so dear for an individual.

You should play this game! Be warned about the feels though ^p^

Cue the fanart that gave me even more feels post-game ...



Artwork by BottleWonderland

Zerochan ( apparently the artist is milkykokonut. please tell me if you know the artist url ^^ )

Artwork by 格跳

Artwork by 格跳

 I think I found a new favourite artist just from finding these "To the Moon" artworks. 
I don't even know how to pronounce their name, haha.

I am now so tempted to play it again.


Well, that about wraps it up for today.

Until next time.

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