Monday, September 21, 2015

Waiheke + Snow

Oh, hello dear blog. Long time no see.


It was so freezing for a Spring day!

Went to Waiheke today with our web team. It was my first time wine tasting.

Quite an interesting experience, even though I have the lowest tolerance for wine. I learned that there are different wines that go with different foods - some better for savoury and some better sweet. Not that I'll be a wine connoisseur but its good to know!

The lady pouring us Pinot Gris.

Some shop displays in the store.

My preferred wine from the selection - Rose .. its pinky red!

Nice table decorations at Mudbrick

Nice chalkboard design on the wall at Fenice Cafe & Bar

I thought these lavenders looked pretty~


I've also been lucky enough to catch the ski season on two occasions. In August, I went to Queenstown for a week with friends and recently to Ohakune with my boyfriend. Instead of skiing, I tried snowboarding for the first time this year! It was definitely an awesome skill to learn, though I'm still a total noob >//o//< 

When I went in August, I bought a two part snowboard lesson which was really helpful! I had absolutely no expectations of how I would be at this. I'm usually a very indoorsy type of person haha. One minute I was completely imbalanced with the snowboard, and later on I could actually control when I stopped and which direction I would go. I was so pleased with myself! Not that it means that I still don't fall down a zillion times hehe. 

Just one thing I may have to work on is stamina - I got tired pretty easily. *cough* Possibly a sign that I need to get more active with exercise and such ^-^;;


I got motivated to start blogging again after reading some of Rainbowholic's posts. I love her blog - its so cute and uplifting. She wrote about how keeping a blog has helped her in both creative and personal respects. It's a nice way to share ideas, connect with like-minded people and be able to share a part of yourself with others in some way.


Well, I'm getting a little tired /o\

Maybe that wine is still in my system! Until next time~

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