Monday, September 28, 2015

Overload 2015

Yet another Overload in Auckland has been done and dusted for 2015! 

It was great seeing everyone's amazing work yet again, and being able to catch up with people too~

I feel like I must worry too much every year with this, when really I just gotta keep doing art consistently haha. I was surprised I was able to get as much as I did done, with career stuff taking priority lately. Everything seemed to fall into place! It's a real blessing.

I've probably been spamming all over social media, but here's what I had for sale this year, in all its pinky glory. Thank you to everyone who made the time to look at my artwork ^o^

I bought and traded a few things too~ Was so happy to get a signed poster from Noizi Ito >3< Thanks dear boyfriend for helping me get it while I was at my table~~ 

I was most excited to get a copy of Na0h's comic book as I followed her progress of creating it via social media. I love her style!

Above: Art from Kimchi Kiwi, Noizi Ito, Red Tail Design, Fira (new fave artist omg), Na0h, and some artists that I forgot to collect a business card from /o\ Please tell if you know any artist's work I haven't mentioned xD

I look forward to the next event!

In the meantime, I'm planning to set up an online store in the near future. 
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