Sunday, November 1, 2015

Cosplay feelings

It was Auckgeddon last weekend .. wrapping up the con season for the year. This year there was a group for Popstar! League of Legends characters so I joined in. Unfortunately, I missed seeing some people T__T but there is always the next event~

(Above: Me as Popstar! Lux - Photographed by Lennon Nguyen)

(Above: Silly photo with friends)

(Above: With other League of Legend cosplayers! They all looked so awesome. I was so awkward haha *shot*)

After the event had passed, it seemed that a lot of people shared their thoughts about how cosplay was empowering to them in some way. And, I must say that it has empowered me as well. Come and read my story~

In my high school years, I was extremely shy and constantly worried too much about what people thought of me. I hardly went for the things I wanted to do including simple things like dressing up in cute clothes and wearing makeup. I was self conscious about the things I liked, how I looked, what I thought and how I acted because none of it seemed to be the norm in my little world.

Of course, there are many things that have helped shaped me into the way I am today. Still shy, but more confident and proud of what I like to do. Cosplay was one of those things. I voiced my thoughts and feelings about how I was scared of doing cosplay to my friend Amey, but you know what .. she said "Who cares what people think? Just do it cos you want to." Maybe she didn't realise it at that time, but feeling that acceptance really helped me!

Cosplay taught me how to put on makeup, sew clothes, sew plushies .. and now make armour. It has taught me to feel okay about the way I look, feel okay about being a complete dork at heart, and find out that there are plenty people out there who don't think this stuff is weird!

Some of those insecure thoughts were really stupid when I think about them now. They were all based on what other people thought ... and if people have a problem with stuff you like, thats all it is - their problem.

Anyone can cosplay, no matter what~!

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