Sunday, May 26, 2013

Work, Study, OVERLOAD

Hello blog, it has been a while hasn't it?

So, I just dug myself into a deeper hole two weeks ago when I signed up for another year of Overload amongst all this PHP. Hahaha. This just means I got to be more organised!

Overload is an art event held at the ASB Stadium on 28th September 2013. It's an event where many artists (mainly of the anime/manga style) showcase and sell their artwork to the public. And this year, I'm going with my Amei-oneechan ohoho <3 Plus Range Murata is going to be a special guest, whoaaaaaa.

I feel there are many things to organise before this event, with only four months to go. If you're interested in a series and wanna request fanart, go ahead and I will think about it. I am not very sure what is popular at the moment since I haven't been catching up, so I might just go with what I like ... ie. cute japanese fashion or bunnies *shotshot*. Or go with Lunatarius' suggestions on the matter.

Lately, I haven't been up to too much. It's mostly just working, attending class, and studying. Rinse and repeat. It's great to hang out with friends once in a while to chill though ^^

*cough* I did end up wasting time one evening catching up with Once Upon a Time though. I think my feelings get out of hand when watching the series, as I involve myself too much in the story. Well, according to a friend of mine =.=. At one point, I had a raging anger towards Regina. Maybe cos she's like a symbol for the barrier that is so hard to break, no matter how much you try. Or a symbol that sometimes no matter what you do, you can't succeed. I'm totally against this matter... cos even if you can't get to the ultimate goal in a swift action, you can always get a step closer.

I totally ship Snow White and Prince Charming though. They struggle so much to fight for their love~ *cheesy* It's quite interesting how the different characters develop in accordance from their Storybrooke self vs their Fairytale self. Yes, yes spoiler free ^-^

Tonight I plan to get a stronger grasp of the combination of PHP and MySQL before class tomorrow *dies* It's quite exciting at the same time of it being intense and difficult. Having the ability to make own web systems uwahh, its magical. Thanks Codeacademy, Net Tuts and Team Treehouse for existing at this day and age =u=)/