Sunday, March 10, 2013

Back to School

It's been about a month since I started my Web Dev course! I really enjoy adding these skills to my repertoire of knowledge. I may not be very smart, but when I get really interested in a topic I almost get obsessed with it and find it difficult to talk about anything else. I guess that is just one of those things I gotta work on.

We just started the HTML and CSS lessons this week. The most interesting things we learned about were forms and the grid system. I kinda got a headstart on the super basics before the course, using Codeacademy (which is a great site for learning code, btw!) and from previous website building attempts as a young teen. A little bit of history here~ I made my first website when I was 14 and it consisted of fail pixel art and neopets user lookup layouts ^p^ The whole notion of being able to put a mark on the web was a very curious endeavour at that time. I also participated in the TVNZ Web Challenges when I was in Year 9 and 10. Now as a 20 something, I'm back to doing web again. It took long enough to discover what I really wanted to do. Try explaining this career prospect to older adults though haha. The world wide web is really starting to take over!

I feel like I am adept at understanding the bare basics of the coding (at the moment anyway!), but there is much improvement needed to be done in improving the design aesthetics and usability. I aim to enable the user to have the most pleasant website viewing experience possible. Hopefully, I will match up to the pros one day~

The things I want to make a habit of is to:
> Keep up to date with the design trends
> Follow good web twitters and blogs
> Keep a visual diary of ideas that come my way
> Keep following tutorials to learn new techniques
> Keep coding until I get the desired (or decent) result
> Make dummy websites to get more fluent!
> Read books!

I feel like such a nerd right now, but sometimes I feel like I have to be if I want to have a high level of competence! Maybe I have just learned a lot about priorities since the last time I studied, as well as the experience of job seeking.


On another note, since its not too hectic just yet ... I want to do a "Create something" challenge. To do something creative everyday whether if its a drawing, poetry, type, design, craft, etc. Anything to do with creating from scratch. Something simple. At the end of the week, I shall document these creations! Okay, hope this goes well >u<)b