Monday, January 7, 2013

Anime Addiction Begins...

It's been a while since I watched anime!  I got recommended a few titles, so I started to watch Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun last night.  All I can say is that I am already hooked!  

It's a shoujo series about a girl called Mizutani Shizuku who has always been focussed on getting good grades, but doesn't have any friends.  One day, the teacher asks her to deliver lesson notes to Toshida Haru who doesn't come to school often, and then suddenly he is convinced they are friends.  This turn of events, begins the adventures of friendship and love.

The character's personalities are definitely interesting.  Shizuku has a "cold" personality, doesn't seemed to show much emotion and puts all her energy into studying.  Haru is quite eccentric, has a bad reputation at school, and has a habit of getting into fights because of some misunderstandings.  I think their relationship is quite endearing, and by forming a friendship they seem to learn about themselves, and about understanding other people as well.  Both of the main characters are "lonely" types so its fun to see their personalities develop to become more socially inclined and adapt more into society somewhat as the series moves forward.  I feel like this underlying message really touches a soft spot in my heart <3

Woke up early (for me) and watched 8 episodes non-stop ;; I might watch the rest of it tonight after dinner ^-^  Sometimes, I get a bit wary of starting a new series of drama or anime because if it gets really addictive it can be all I can think about all day until I watch a new episode.  But .. I will take a break and go for a walk now to get some fresh air ^-^


I have been pretty busy in the last two months of 2012.  I acquired an internship, and then worked as a contractor until the holiday period for the company began.  It's been quite enjoyable playing a part in making projects happen through design.  In February this year, I am also starting a year long course in web development!  I am pretty excited about being able to acquire more knowledge in this area, so that I can up-skill and know about BOTH front end and back end sides of web design.  Unfortunately, due to me pretty much working full time I didn't get to spend as much time as I wanted with Lunatarius, when he was finally on holiday!  But I feel like we made most of the time that we did have, and its always nice.

We watched Iron Man, Iron Man 2, The Hulk, Captain America, The Hobbit and Wreck it Ralph. I finally understand the hype of the Avengers!  Superhero movies are always fun to watch.  The character that impacted me the most would probably be Steve Rogers though - he always had the fighting spirit, even though it was quite unwise to be fighting when he wasn't in shape to win before the experiment.  In the army training, he was very smart about the way he handled the false grenade alarm as well, despite being a "featherweight". He wanted to stand up for what he believed in, and his heart was still pure after the transformation.  Even with all the extra attention he had been receiving with his status as Captain America, he still stayed humble and true to himself.  Quite inspirational haha. 

As you can tell, I seem to be more interested in the psychological elements of the movies rather than the fighting scenes and all haha.  The Incredible Hulk was quite endearing too.  It's amazing how strong Bruce and Betty's relationship was.  Even though Betty found out about the "monster" Bruce turned into when he became too enraged, she still trusted him and it did not change the way she felt about him.  Bruce and Betty shipper here all the way *tear*

The Iron Man.  Let's say that Tony Stark has a very strong personality that is entertaining to watch!  He seems very witty and has a pretty carefree way of doing things, even though he is very serious about the results of his work.  Honestly, sometimes I thought he was a bit of a jerk but that adds to the interest of seeing the character develop as the storylines go on.  It's quite cute how Pepper Potts takes care of Tony, knowing all his personal details and stuff for important matters, and how she made Tony's temporary heart core into a trophy.

Sometimes through watching these movies, I want to know more about the Marvel characters.  But it is a bit frustrating working through the archives when there are multiple storylines and universes for each character haha.  Enough to get me super confused.  But, yeah very interesting to read the backstories, indeed!

And Wreck it Ralph was AWESOME!  I especially loved the world of Sugar Rush and all its sugary cuteness.  Man, it would be great to own figurines of little Venelope and the crew ... >o>
She's so adorable!  I love how she's so enthusiastic and cheerful, despite things.  It's become one of my favourite movies of all time!  But I'll leave that to another post~


I'm hungry so I'm going to make lunch and eat.  Byebye!

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