Sunday, January 6, 2013

Super Cute Android Apps

I have joined reign with the Android lovers!  Hail the smartphone era~ It helped that I played around with Lunatarius' phone to get a feel for how it worked, and I had my eye on the white Samsung Galaxy S2 for a while as well. After some pondering, influence and a bit of help I decided I would go and get my hands on this baby.

And I am very happy about this addition to my family of technology, ohoho!

I remember the first week, I was absolutely addicted to searching up new applications to add to my phone.  First the essential, and then the super cute ones!  (I believe cute apps are also essential though.. my personal opinion *cough*)

When I first booted up my phone, I was filled with glee of how shiny and new it was (as with all new technological devices) but the interface didn't please me so much.  I got introduced to the Theme apps to customise the phone to look prettier and oh boy did I go nuts!  I browsed for ages looking for the perfect (cute cute cute) interface to replace the original one with.

Here we go!

1) GO Launcher Ex


Mm, this was the customisation app that started it all.  The cute renovation of the phone!

You pretty much download this app from the Play store, and then search up themes to install into the system as well to begin your customisation process~

My favourite ones have definitely got to be the "Peperico" collection of themes made by Mayo&Dia. So much cuteness, I cannot handle it!! Peperico is a penguin character and in each theme, he is dressed up in different attire or in a different setting.  I pretty much downloaded theme all since they are free.

This is the current one I have.  I love it <3


Each theme also comes with a set of icons unique to that theme, but you can mix and match those to your heart's content ^-^

There's also GO SMS Pro for your messages, GO Contacts Pro for your Contacts page, GO Dialer Ex for your Phone Calling page, etc

2) LINE Camera

This is definitely my favourite camera application ever!  You can use it just like a purikura photobooth that you can find in the article, and it has many cute stamps, icons, characters, effects, and frames to boot~!

3) Pudding Camera


Another cool camera application, where you can switch out films and cameras to create different effects that imitate the "classic camera".  It's a bit similar to Hipstamatic for the iPhone.


4) Other Camera Apps

Snapeee [link] - Japanese photo app with a really nice interface and cute stamps. It is also a community, and the tagline is pretty much "Make your life kawaii". Sort of like the Japanese version of Instagram.
DECO Puri [link] - Cute photo booth app with more girly embellishments
DECOPIC [link] - Yet another cute one
DecoPetit [link] - Yet another one
Deco + [link] - Yet another one
Picute [link] - Yet another one
Pashappy [link] - Cute photo booth app with comical kinds of effects
Instagram [link] - It's a popular one, but the classic camera film effects are pretty cool ^^

5) AlarmMon


Adorable, alarm clock application.  You pick the character (Did I mention cute?) you want to be woken up by and the time your want it to sound, and it will keep making noise until you do a certain action to make it shut up!  I recommend the Toaster one so far.  I tried the Chicken and that one was so annoying, squawking endlessly ... Well, I guess that's the point ^^;;

6) S'Diary


Cute diary for the girls, to keep track of their menstrual cycles.  It has a straightforward interface, with a colour coded system to clearly the different stages.  The text is set in a non-distracting doodle font, and the icons are simply lined with utter cuteness.

7) Cute Memo


A cute way to take notes of stuff you need to jot down wherever you go!  Though, I think the korean version has much cuter fonts haha //  (cos mine is just in the normal Samsung sans-serif font) Or may I possibly need to install some extra fonts to get this working properly hmm...


8) IconPopQuiz


This is more super cool than cute, but whatever.  The interface is amazing, and playful, enticing you to hurry up and solve their riddles~  Basically its a quiz, where they give you a minimal graphic of popular culture icons and you have to guess what the movie, character, tv show, or other type of media they are.  It can be addicting trying to solve all the puzzles in each category to gain "personal completion points" haha



Cute game where you try and match up three or more animal blocks to make them disappear!  Though, rather than battling it out against the computer, you will be competing with others from all around the world.  I remembered this one from the Nintendo DS, and was curious to see what it was like.  More fun than playing it out alone for sure ^-^

10) Japanese Language Puzzle Games

Unfortunately, most of the games with the pretty interfaces are ones that are only in a foreign language.  (Apparently the aesthetic here is very important to me ;; )  But thankfully, some games seem to be playable without much language instruction.

I really like the clean, and simple interfaces of the games that the company "Hangame" creates and enjoy a game or two from them every now and again.

ピクロジ aka PicLogi is one of my favourites.  If you have ever played Picross, then you know what the game is.  So you get a grid 10 down and 10 across, and in each column and row, there is an indicator telling you how many blocks there are in their respective areas.  Your task is to fill in the boxes in the right places to create a pixelated image.

11) SimSimi


A cute robot friend app! Users all over the world help teach this robot to become more intelligent. It's pretty random but can be fun when you have nothing else to do. Kinda reminiscent of Cleverbot, but the cute version.


12) My Emoticons


This app is all you need when you want to use those Japanese, text-based kao ani emoticons to include in messages to friends or in social networks! I just found this one recently, so I'll be having a lot of fun using this kukuku 
ヽ( ★ω★)ノ


I may update this list in the future if I find any other applications that are worth a mention.



  1. downloaded "theme" all...I see what you did there xD

  2. @Lunatarius oh, yes =u= i am berii smart ^___^

  3. I downloaded GO launcher just to get the pepe-icecream theme! So cute~ >_< Have you downloaded any other cute themes, other than the pepe ones?

    1. Just in case you are still wondering, I have created a new post with some information about other places you can find cool themes!

  4. Hi GabyV! Mhm, Peperico themes are my absolute favourite atm~! Glad that we share the same taste hehe. I have just recently made a post with other free cute Go Launcher Ex themes I have found. Go check it out over here~

  5. how did you get to add the cute icons on your notification bar?

    1. Sorry, that was a screenshot from google if you are referring to the pictures under "Go Launcher Ex". I wish I knew

    2. I just found out you can download PhoneThemeShop to cute battery icons, if you haven't found out already by now

  6. This is so cool! do you know more cute themes in Go Launcher Ex?

    1. Yeah! I just found some more recently.. they are much cuter too >3< Check out the latest post