Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Japan: Kingdom of Characters Exhibition

Went to the Japan: Kingdom of Characters Exhibition at the Gus Fisher Gallery on Shortland St, Auckland.  The exhibition is a showcase of the impact of characters, as they are integrated into Japanese society.  It is not uncommon for both children and adults to own something that pertains to the appreciation of characters.  It seems that this big boom for the love of characters began at the end of World War II, just when comic and animation also became increasingly popular in the Western world as well.  They say that the group that has been hit with most of this impact is the Japanese high school girl, and in the exhibition an example of a girl's room is presented.  Hmm, well it has a lot of pink and kitties that's for sure ^^

I want to make my room super cute too!  Started a few weeks ago with a bunch of posters that I acquired from the years of purchases from Doujin Overload and Armageddon.  Just some more renovation and can be done ohoho.

They also have spotlighted ordinary people of different dynamics and their experiences with this character culture.  I found it very cute that this middle aged man always dreamed of having a Kamen Rider belt when he was a young boy so when he could afford to buy it for himself as a man, he took the opportunity haha.  And there's the high school girls with accessories dangled excessively on their cellphones.  Haha, I think I have seen those around.  I have also had the temptation to do this myself, but then again its a bit impractical. All for sake of super cuteness! >u<

Go check out Japan: Kingdom of Characters in the Gus Fisher Gallery at 74 Shortland Street!
It runs from the 9th January to the 1st of February 2013~  More details about opening times here.

The grand opening will be this Friday at 5.30pm!

Also had an art jam with Keito this afternoon.  It's been a while since I drew pictures, and even better to draw with a friend.

Well, time for dinner now!  
Pasta salad tonight >u<

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