Friday, February 1, 2013

Black Rock Shooter Nendoroid

After two years of sitting perfectly inside packaging (this seems to be a trend..), Black Rock Shooter Miku is finally free from the plastic!!

The Front 

...And the back

Japanese packages are so nice! They seem too good to throw away~ 
Even the food ones sometimes...with their endearing characters and all.

 Contents of the box. It consists of a DVD Movie and Nendoroid with different facial expressions, leg, arms, model stands and her weapons! (Bazooka and sword)

Close-up of all the different parts. This is the first time I ever owned a full size nendoroid, so I didn't realise how flexible they were with poses and facial expressions! It's pretty cool how all the parts are interchangable~ And if you had other nendoroids, you could also mix and match the outfits and hairstyles too, and go nuts with it hahaha.

Black Rock Shooter Miku Nendoroid in all her glory. So adorable! 
This is the default pose of how it is packaged in the box.

 I decided I would have her with the "girl with attitude" face on my shelf though ^u^
"Come at me, bro!"

It's really fun filling up my shelf with cute things >u<
The next one will probably be my tiny Inazuma Eleven figurines uhooo~!

And random thing I saw yesterday...
 Someone left a whole pizza outside McDonalds, and all the pigeons were scrambling around it for a giant feast. Oh man xD It can be fun watching birds sometimes ...


  1. You should set up the rock cannon for her to aim at incoming visitors. XD
    That photo with the pigeons... the tomato paste makes it look like they were feasting off a carcass of some sort. I'm surprised you didn't flee the scene immediately and stayed to take the photo.

  2. I-I'm still working out how to do that >o> cos I tried but struggled ;; HELP ME ANGIE!
    Haha, I guess it does look like innards of some kind, now that you mention it. WELL, they weren't trying to attack my food so thats okay .. I'm getting better >u<)b slightly