Monday, February 4, 2013

Clothes: 040213

When I went back to the family home in the weekend, I forgot to bring any non-work clothes so I was pretty much stuck with super frilly ones that I only wear occasionally these days. I forgot how much fun it is to dress in lolita-inspired attire since I started to dress more conservatively. I feel like a child again~ haha. Apparently the 2nd of February was Twin Tail Day in Japan so I decided to celebrate a day late.

Headband: $3.50 from Japan store
Blouse: $15 from Paper Bag Princess
Skirt: $10 from Trademe (IT WAS A STEAL!)

And today, I decided to keep going with the girly co-ordinates. I don't think the low twin tail hairstyle is too bad either. Might use it more often ^-^ Oh youth~! uhoo.

Sailor Jacket: Aliexpress
Frilly Shorts:
Blouse: Kmart
Bow: Japan store

I drew pictures today. I wanna get faster~
Drawing is more fun now that the pressure is off! I knew it was more a hobby thing for me. Sometimes I wish I has realised this sooner xD Of course I still enjoy it, but if I had to do it all the time for both work purpose and hobby purpose I would probably tire of it. Whereas more logical stuff like web design seems to drive me more in terms of productivity.

Yeah, I did the Graphic Design degree. But after some thought, I am truly more of a left brain thinker as opposed to the right brain thinker a designer is assumed to be. I like being creative and designing stuff, but I also like rules and I like knowing exactly how things are supposed to work. 

If only it was so easy with other things that I struggle with... the rule thing anyways;; Some aspects of life don't have a very defined set of rules to follow, because its too complicated and varied. Well, ganbarimasu! Will keep trying ^-^

Also read Death Note again, and damn I can't get over how evil Light becomes as series progresses. SO EVIL! It's interesting to read from a villain's standpoint though haha. I think that was what drew me to the series the first time I read it. There was no other story like it before~

If you like my artwork, check out my art blog too over here!

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