Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Oh, I never blog

.. but I should do it more often.

It's a nice relief when I've written down thoughts or something about my day. I'm sure my future self will appreciate it even though my present self is constantly putting it off.

It's like when I thought it was a great idea to cut up photos for school projects and friendship books when I was young. Now I am horrified and wish that I had kept my scissors away to preserve those memories! Well, it was a different time back then. You didn't have a photo that last forever in digital form. You had the physical copy and if you were lucky enough to have the film too, then bravo. I think ours got thrown away ;;

I suppose in that situation, it was switched around ;;

Sometimes its nice just walking around the city, soaking in the atmosphere and enjoying my own company. Well, I did that in the weekend before I headed into the campus building to continue working on my assignment.

On my tiny adventure through the Auckland CBD, I stumbled across a quaint magazine at Whitcoulls that I had never seen before. It's called Mollie Makes.

Looks like fun. It covers topics about crafting with different materials, people in the craft business, thrifting and all sorts of handmade goodness!

If this was Asia, I would not be so surprised to see something like this. Many magazines for the sewing genre, but sadly I cannot read them. I do sometimes buy them because they have lots of pretty pictures, and in hope that one day I'll be able to understand them too.

Usually I see craft magazines that are aimed towards people in their middle ages so this is refreshing. This one seems to be aimed towards people in their 20s and 30s. It's great! And it includes a free project to make fox brooches >3< This is motivation!

What does the fox say!?

Sorry I couldn't resist, haha.
If you happen to be confused right now, please watch this video.

I would like to get back into crafts after I complete my course.

There's also the Auckland Christmas Cosplay Picnic on the 14th December. I am hoping to dress up as Christmas!Rin from Vocaloid since I have a random Rin wig lying around. We will see if I can conjure that piece of handiwork in that small amount of time ;; It's the character on the far left. Otherwise I'll go lolita.

This design also looks quite nice. Hm, decisions!

[ Credit to Tiaravandijk from Deviantart ]

If you are also interested in attending, feel free to see more information on the event page! My friend Rinelle and a few others have been working very hard to organise this ^^ [ Click here for more details ]

Oh man, I'm thinking too much about the things that I want to do AFTER the work is done. And its getting too exciting. WORK FIRST! WORK FIRST! ASSIGNMENT => GOOD! CRAFT => BAD! (Right now, anyway...)


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