Monday, December 9, 2013

Little update: fox brooch and other tidbits

(wrote this last week, so the talk about time refers to then)

What have I been up to art and craft-wise?

Drawing collars that I want to try and make. I also made a new pattern for the second collar style on this page. 

The carpet cleaners were coming in to everyone's apartments to do a professional cleaning so we had to get everything off the ground. Bad time to tidy up cos it feels like everything stressful is happening all at the same time. Assignment, job applications, living situations, course ending and uh .. urges to be creative. I did discover that I have a shit load of fabric I need to use, tons of snap fasteners, zips, waist elastic and the whole shebang. I need to use it up sometime ;;

Started to journal again. It kinda makes me feel more serene writing down all the mumbo jumbo in my head. Helps to organise thoughts, and to understand me vs the world a little more. And uh, remember what things I need to buy cos I'm hella forgetful.

Made a fox brooch! It's the pattern from the Mollie Makes magazine.

And I also made some envelopes out of old magazines while taking a break from the computer. They're great for storing handmade patterns in.

And I just realised something, craft makes me feel more cheerful in general.

I'm also looking forward to Christmas. This jolly season! 

As I already stated in my twitter:

"When young, Christmas is such a magical time ~ the movies, the music, the food, the atmosphere =u= Oh, I love Christmas"

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  1. I love your collar sketches and I'm sure they'll be super cute made into real life versions too!