Sunday, September 15, 2013

Alternative Uses for Mundane Objects

Just a little creative tinkering with the brain to see what I can come up with.
I remember that this was one of the questions we were asked at the interview for my degree haha.

Note: A few of these suggestions may be a bit morbid. Just beware if you're quite sensitive.

It was a suggested creative challenge from this site:

What are the uses for a brick?
1) Karate kicks
2) Footstool
3) Foot Rest
4) Paperweight
5) Weapon
6) Suicide Device
7) Anchor
8) Cook food when heated up by the sun?
9) Release anger by smashing it
10) Destroy stuff
11) A plate
12) Decoration
13) Weights for exercise
14) See-saw buddy
15) Draw eyes on it and make it a pet
16) To weigh down the other side of a jump rope if there's only two people
17) To weigh down the end of the strings if you're making friendship bracelets
18) To elevate a laptop or monitor
19) To help crumble food up for cooking/baking if need be
20) Keep a crocodile's mouth open
21) To flatten flowers that need to be pressed
22) To flatten paper that has been laminated
23) To flatten some bent paper or sheets of a substance
24) Weigh down an edge of paper so it won't move move when you're doing artwork
25) Keep a helium balloon from flying away
26) Use it as your art canvas
27) Building block for a sculpture by carving it
28) Wrap in giftwrap, and make decorative presents to put under a Christmas tree. (For movie set?)

What are the uses for a mug?
1) Holds your drink
2) Paperweight
3) Weapon
4) Pencil Holder
5) Use as a vase
6) Hold water while painting
7) Mixing Dish
8) Unique Storage with little bits and pieces
9) Anchor
10) Release anger by smashing it
11) Toy Walkie Talkie
12) Trap a bug
13) Kill a bug
14) Hide stains by placing in a certain position
15) To poison somebody
16) Magic Tricks
17) Substitute for a judge's mallet in the courtroom ( "Order! Order!" )
18) Keep a helium balloon from flying away
19) Musical Instrument
20) Musical mugs, by filling each up with different levels of water. Use a stick/pencil/etc to hit notes.
21) Decorate and give as a gift
22) Make an outdoor trap of some kind
23) A hammer
24) A stencil for making a pattern for a plushie
25) Flatten clay/dough
26) Rolling clay/dough
27) Use to hold dirty chopsticks/forks/spoons/etc before you get to washing them while doing dishes
28) Makeshift maracas? By filling with rice and sealing it well with cardboard and tape or something
29) Microwave/Bake one serve dishes if you're feeling lazy [LINK] [LINK]
30) Use it to crumble food up for baking/cooking

What are the uses for a chair?
1) Place to sit on
2) One side of a makeshift fort
3) A makeshift easel
4) A table for when you are sitting on the ground
5) Reaching up high places to stick posters on the wall
6) Reaching up high places in general
7) For a child, lie it in a different position and you have a pretend car ( did this when young )
8) Or get a bunch of chairs and pretend you're on a train
9) Pretend land for your lego people's house
10) Cover with a cloth, and you have a makeshift doll house (underneath)
11) Use it to guard a door shut
12) When using two chairs, you can put a stick on top and play limbo
13) When using two chairs, you can use it to weave some ribbons/string/whatever together
14) Short tripod
15) Customise it
16) Transform it into a throne
17) Musical chairs
18) Something that is probably too rude to say haha
19) Break the legs off and make a shelf by nailing it to the wall
20) A device to help you balance while ice skating
21) Break the legs off to make a sled for sand/snow/etc
22) Weapon
23) Use it to jump off if you're going to hang yourself

What are the uses for a spoon?
1) Measuring stuff for baking
2) Dining Utensil
3) Mixing paint
4) Mixing ingredients
5) Eating peanut butter/nutella/etc by itself
6) Nose trick
7) Musical instrument by clanging on a glass
8) Bend, and make a hook by sticking it to the wall
9) Fling stuff at people
10) A tiny spade for digging

( to be continued cos I'm tired and I wasted creative energy thinking about the other ones )


Disclaimer: I do not take any responsibility if you take any of these uses seriously! This was purely used an an exercise to stretch creativity.  The mug food sure sounds good though.

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