Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Super Cute Android Themes

When it was Boxing Day sales, I decided to finally buy that Micro SD card, and my phone has been happier ever since. Thus began my little adventure of customising it again!

I have then found different ways to achieve a cute phone, rather than just using the themes that are available in the (English) Play Store. It can be hard to find when you cannot read an Asian language.

I made a post about this at the beginning of last year - "Cute Go Launcher Ex Android Themes" and guess what!? THERE ARE MANY MORE CUTE THEMES OUT THERE! You wouldn't believe the excitement I felt when I discovered this. Sometimes I get amused by small things. I thought I was just limited to using the Peperico themes, and yes although they are cute .. I would like to try some non-penguin related themes as well. Yay, more cute apps for Android!

All these images are from the Google Play Store and do not belong to me.

Let's begin!

1) CocoPPa

This app has hundreds of different wallpapers and icons that you can choose from to make your phone cute. You sign up for an account, can follow artists and even share your own wallpapers and icons that you have made. If you are looking for more premium content, you can also purchase branded icons from this place too. It was originally made for iPhone but I am so glad they ported it over to Android too!


2) icoron

This app has a similar concept to CocoPPa, but only for icons. It might take some sifting, but you can find some pretty cool stuff here too.



3) PhoneThemeShop

This app was one of my most amazing finds. It is predominantly in Korean, so it might be hard to understand but they do have English for the main menus which is helpful.

It would be helpful to download GO Launcher Ex first as the themes use this app as a base. It looks like PhoneThemeShop is a directory for user made themes that are from Korea. Honestly, they are much nicer than most of the themes that I found in the main Google Play Store, and there are plenty quality free ones too.

Ways that you can customise your phone with PhoneThemeShop:

> Theme Package: Download themes for theme apps, such as GO Launcher Ex
> Messenger Theme: Download themes for various messenger apps such as Kakao Talk
> LockScreen: Download themes for various locker apps, such as GO Locker
> SNS Theme: You can also download a themed version of the Facebook or Twitter app
> Keyboard: Download themes for GO Keyboard
> SMS: Download themes for GO SMS
> Contacts: Download themes for GO Contacts
> Modify so much more! Even the battery icons at the top of your screen, its insane!

4) CUKI Themes

Yet another collection of cute themes!

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Hope you found this post helpful. I just love having a cute phone, and I want to share information to others to achieve the same, because I myself would have really appreciated knowing about these sooner too!

If I find some more awesome apps, I will be sure to update this page again ^^.

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