Monday, February 24, 2014

Japan Day 2014!

In the weekend, I went to Japan Day! Had a great day enjoying japanese culture, eating japanese cuisine and seeing people again ^^.

There were quite a few cosplayers there who were helping out the Overload stand~ Ah, I love the atmosphere around the group ... maybe I don't know many of the people very well but they are always friendly and welcoming.

Since I did not have a cosplay prepared I was contemplating either wearing my Norway cosplay again, or wearing my go-to schoolgirl lolita outfit. I decided the latter, since I imagined the weather would be quite warm.

Here's Amey and I~

And *cough* obligatory selfie lol.

I saw and had a chat with some fellow cosplayers.

I ate delicious food.

There was a long line at the Takoyaki stand, but it was so worth it. Nom.

There was also this special samurai ramen for only $4! Also very yummy.

Navigating through the various stands~

Oh, looky there it's a Titan!

Traditional Japanese Dolls.

Portable Shrine.

Witnessing the cooking process of takoyaki! 

Sort of inspiring me to get out my pan out again to make a hopefully successful attempt haha.

A random balloon structure that looked pretty neat.

Professional ice sculpting!

I thought this stand had very cute signage ^^. 

I love how they incorporate mascots.

There was also this guy, who was singing a candyfloss jingle! I very much admired his enthusiasm, and it sold me the candyfloss haha. Haven't eaten candyfloss in so long that I almost forgot how good it tasted.

After going through the showgrounds a few times, we decided to take a break and had an attempt at Geocaching. We reached some cool spots that we never would have found if not for the directions~

Amey looking cool at the top of the hill.

The roots of this tree were pretty intricate, and nothing like I ever seen before!

We headed back and joined in the bon odori dance near the stage. It's some kind of traditional dance in the culture, and seems to incorporate a lot of hand movements.

To be honest, I was nervous about joining but then I was like "Oh, what the hell" and it turned out to be really fun to participate in. Should do this kinda thing more often ^^

You never regret the steps you take, but you always regret the ones you don't.

Here was my haul at the end of the day~

$5 Snack Pack from Japan Mart! I always enjoy looking at the cute food japanese food packaging. Sometimes, I cut the package carefully so I can keep and look at them again hehe.

Some books from the secondhand books stall for $1 each. 

Mostly children's books. Didn't realise that I bought a book about toilet training hippo until I tried to read it. Oh well, now I will never forget the word for poop in Japanese (うんち).

Not part of Japan Day, but since I'm a roll with posting pictures ..

I bought some Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyoujin) cellphone straps from Angie's group buy! Thanks to Angie for organising it <3

All in all, it was a great day!

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