Thursday, February 20, 2014

Paramore and Frozen

On the 19th January 2014, I went to the Paramore concert in Auckland! I wasn't sure I was going because I didn't know anybody who wanted to come with me, but at Christmas I discovered that my cousin was a big fan as well so we decided to go together. We actually still do have a lot of the same music tastes, even from when we were younger. It was an amazing experience, and I was honoured to be in the presence of the band, and Hayley Williams' amazing voice! Her voice really is powerful and resonant live! She is such an inspiration to me! Not just her voice, but her style and fashion is really unique and adventurous, and she doesn't care what people think. The only thing I regret is not buying a General Admission. It looked like a lot of fun to be in the whole concert vibe.

Now present self is wishing past self wrote this all down the moment after arriving back home from the concert. Because I was so buzzing with energy and excitement that night. Haha, well there's the videos to help me reminisce the feeling.

( Paramore! )

The Opening Act, Twenty One Pilots was also very good! Their music style is quite unique from what is on the charts. I really like the mix of genres they have there, and the pumping beat. The duo did an amazing drum performance at the end as well.

Ended up watching Frozen twice! Once for regular viewing with Lunatarius and the second time on Waitangi Day again with Rinelle and Rolly as well >u<)b. The first time I watched it, I did not know what to expect. I just hoped it wouldn't be so 'kiddy' because the poster and trailer made it seem that way. When I watched it, I was mind-blown, and throughout the whole movie experience I was riveted with emotion. I was glad I brought tissues .. ALL MY FEELS! And who knew Kristen Bell could sing so well!? I was filled with awe. It turned out she was classically trained in musical theatre before becoming an actress. Frozen was a very heart-warming story, fueled with girl power and celebrates the bond between sisters. It isn't the first Disney animated movie where the girl rebels against order though. I feel Brave exerts this message more.

( Closet cosplay of Anna from Frozen for the Sing-a-long haha )

I liked how Anna was clumsy, and not typically princess-like. It kind of made her more relatable in a way. You always get a clumsy male character, but for girl they are usually meant to be composed and everything. She is a bit naive, yes but that's all part of the character development. She's been stuck in the castle all her life, and hasn't experienced what it is like to be in the outside world. The combination of her carefree spirit and her excitement about finally seeing the other side of the fence might have muddled with her mind. I guess she does take things a bit far though haha.

As for Elsa, it must have been very traumatising for her with the events in the beginning. I could feel how much pain she was feeling - about both having to hide her true 'self' and how she felt she had to keep a fair distance from Anna to protect her. When Elsa escaped and was able to truly let go, and be who she really was - she finally felt free. After all those years of hiding, it must have been a good release! There was a fair bit of character development for both of the sisters. Of course, the timing wasn't very realistic because in real life these things take a larger amount of time to shape up.


( "Hoo! Hoo! Big Summer Blowout!" - Oaken *shot* )

I can't get over how great the songs are~ I feel like doing some covers just for fun haha. Found a few easy chords for guitar that work for "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" and for the pop version of "Let it Go".

Last night I ended up playing for three hours. I'm surprised I still remember the chords since I haven't played properly in a month. Hurrah for muscle memory! Bb and Bm are still a bit hard to reach at the moment .. so gotta stretch those fingers~ I am not very good at guitar yet since I pretty much only use two basic strumming patterns for most songs, but it is fun to be able to play and sing at the same time.

Frozen Chords

 Do You Want to Build a Snowman
 Let it Go (Idina Menzel)
 Let it Go (Demi Lovato)
 First Time in Forever

INB4 slow at blogging.

Dear self, please update more often and then in thirty years you'll have a nice time capsule to look back to!

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