Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Summer Solstice!

The beginning of this post may be a little cliche, but yes, the 21st December 2012 has arrived and it seems to be going pretty well so far!

Do I see fireballs shoot down from the sky? Nope.  According to the Mayans, its not the end of the world in physical form but more of an end to a spiritual age, and a beginning of a new one.  It's quite interesting.  I am a little skeptic about these mystical beliefs, since childhood but who knows.

I remember reading a book by James van Pragh (psychic medium) who helped out with the writing of Ghost Whisperer.  He talked about spirits, how we all have guardian angels watching out for us and that our past lives affect the relationships we have today.  Very curious.  Not quite sure what to believe though.

I remember being a kid, and believing in everything mystical and magical.  It made my childhood what it was.  Maybe that's why I feel nostalgic a lot.  As a child, there is that innocence that lets you believe that anything can happen.  You don't know the truth yet, so you can forever be dreaming.  Friendly magical beings that vouch for the underdog.  Portals to other worlds.  Fairytales with happy endings.  Of course, it isn't very realistic to think that way forever.  Well, my inner child can still have the job of being in dreamland!  Live through movies and cartoons and escape to a magical land where you can just float away on a cloud.

Hmm, I must have gone on a tangent!

Well that was the good side of the magical things.  Unfortunately, there's also the bad side of believing in magical things, such as monsters, demons and apolocalyptic prophecies.  In the stories, its always the good that defeats the evil.  Back to the Mayan calendar and the new spiritual beginning, there's the belief that if even only 20% of people in the world thinking positively about things and being grateful, there can be hope for a change in the world that will overtake the 80% of negative thinking people.  So, its that powerful?

Well without the concern for the global spiritual health, positive thinking is good for personal wellbeing too.  (With a bit of realism too of course)

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