Saturday, March 3, 2012

Autumn is here!

I've been waiting for Autumn to come along for ages! And I'm glad its here. Pity it had to begin with a wild interchanging "weather bomb". When I went out to catch the bus today, the wind was blowing so wildly. It was like I had to fight the wind head-on to walk onwards. Herp derp. Oh well. Much better than the heat waves that make you sweat bullets. YAY FOR AUTUMN! Not too hot. Not too cold. No pollen. CRUNCHY LEAVES~ It's awesome!

Though WIND, don't be so strong every day, okay?
You might be too strong to walk against someday :T

Today went well. I tried to make the most of my job today, and made efforts to talk louder and appear more perky/happy while talking to the customers. It sure is tiring keeping up such energy especially being the introvert I am. By the end of the day I pretty much died and so did my voice. But hah, guess putting positive thoughts into practice really helps, and it also elevates the mood too! Expressing yourself externally somehow helps lower the stress somehow, because some negative thoughts end up being countered. The highlight of the day was seeing Lunatarius, even if it was for a little while. He was in the area, and we ended up having a short but sweet dinner together. It's always good spending time with him. Tomorrow, we're gonna go have all-you-can-eat chocolate Giapo with his friends. Never been to one of those before .. wonder if my stomach is prepared for this madness *shot*.

K gotta sleep!
I wanna be able to wake up on time ehehe

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