Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Panic Time

I really need to get a freakin' move on with all these drawings for Overload! I feel like I have been working at super snail speed, when I know I have the potential to move fast and get all these done in one day if I really really focussed on the task at hand.

B-But its just so hard to focus sometimes! When you procrastinate, you end up doing anything and everything possible to avoid the challenge of finishing work that you need to do. Suddenly everything else starts to become more interesting and once you get going with doing all the other useless stuff, it is hard to get back to work. Why do we procrastinate anyway? I feel like it is a fear of approaching the task, because there is a chance of failure. But then again, if you don't even make a move on, you're already failing because you didn't even try! Okay, time to get this mindset going!!

Every step forward is a good thing!

The one thing that is bad is not taking any steps at all!


(I at least hope so)

Not long to go at all, and printing must be done Monday the latest (>m<)

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